• Managed Attorney Review

    OrangeLT’s Managed Attorney Review Services provide expert talent to conduct defensible reviews of electronically stored documents and data. The service leverages highly trained on-shore U.S. licensed attorney teams and managers. Our review attorneys are unique because they are specifically trained in technology and how to use it. Learn more about Managed Attorney Review.

  • Customized eDiscovery Technology

    OrangeLT’s Customized eDiscovery Technology provides law firms and corporations with a unique combination of customized technology solutions designed to increase client productivity and streamline the eDiscovery process. Unlike many eDiscovery service vendors that resell and manage licensed pre-packaged software from multiple providers, Orange Legal Technologies leverages its own internally developed OneO Discovery Platform to deliver customized solutions to address our clients’ specific needs. Learn more about custom eDiscovery technology.

  • Digital Evidence & Forensic Collection Services

    OrangeLT’s Digital Evidence and Forensic Collection Services include both technology and consulting designed to assist you in the identification, preservation, evaluation and acquisition of potentially relevant ESI. Learn more about these services.

Why We’re Different / Specialization

Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Litigation

OrangeLT's Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Litigation capability provides clients an end-to-end discovery focus with deep experience in the three primary practice areas of IP matters, Litigation and Antitrust. This focus makes us unique among litigation support and attorney review service providers.


Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Practice

Our team consists of over 75 attorneys, project managers and technical team experts who handled over 25 pharmaceutical matters in 2014 alone. The pharma team has also developed software to increase the efficiency of the discovery process within pharmaceutical and Hatch-Waxman litigation.


Financial Services Practice

OrangeLT's Financial Services Practice Group was created to help our financial services and banking customers address the specific needs and challenges associated with Securities Litigation, Government Investigations and Regulatory Issues.


Oil, Gas and Energy Practice

Our expertise in managed document review services is unique to the Oil and Gas industry, and we take pride in providing specialized litigation support. We have industry exposure and strong relationships with some of the largest providers of intellectual property in oil and gas, and we incorporate our industry knowledge to provide a seamless and customized eDiscovery and document review model.


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